Chemical Raw Material Zinc Oxide

Zinc oxide, also known as zinc white, is a pure white powder composed of small amorphous or needle-like particles. As a basic chemical raw material, it has a wide range of applications, such as rubber electronics, medicine, coatings and other industries.

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Zinc oxide can be used as a white pigment for printing and dyeing, papermaking, matches and pharmaceutical industries. In the rubber industry, it is used as a vulcanization activator, reinforcing agent and colorant for natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex. It is also used in the manufacture of zinc chrome yellow, zinc acetate, zinc carbonate, zinc chloride, etc. In addition, it is also used in electronic laser materials, phosphors, feed additives, catalysts, etc. In medicine, it is used to make ointment, zinc paste, plaster, etc.

The study found that the protective function of nano-zinc oxide against ultraviolet rays is stronger than that of traditional nano-titanium dioxide, and it has a good protective effect on both UV-A and UV-B. Therefore, the application of nano-zinc oxide in the field of cosmetics Chemicalbook has developed rapidly. Zinc oxide with an average particle size of less than 50 nanometers can most effectively resist UV-A and UV-B. It is a broad-spectrum anti-ultraviolet agent, non-toxic and harmless, and is a veritable new generation of physical sunscreens.

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