• Petvit Multivitamin & Multimineral Supplement for Dogs & Cats – Skin-Coat, Joints, Digestion, Heart & Immunity Booster

    Zehui Group, a Chinese environmental-friendly and high-quality pet product manufacturer, recently launched Petvit Multivitamin & Multimineral Supplement for Dogs & Cats. The supplement is made from abundant natural resources and sea water ...
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  • The function of magnesium oxide in cobalt refining process

    Cobalt is a very versatile metal, and there are generally two ways to extract it from nickel-cobalt ores, either by fire smelting or by wet smelting. Wet smelting has been widely used in recent years because of its advantages of low energy consump...
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  • 2023.02.02 The role and prospect of magnesium oxide in petroleum catalyst:

    Petroleum catalyst is an important raw material required by oil refining industry. The development of magnesium oxide industry is closely related to the development of oil refining industry. Zehui magnesium company believ...
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  • 2023 Chinese New Year holiday Notice

    2023 Chinese New Year holiday Notice

    Headoffice in Wuxi will be cloased for  the holiday of the Chinese New Year from January 19th till 28th. We will resume back to work on January 29th. Wish you all the best, good health, happiness. ...
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  • The specific function of magnesium oxide in lithium battery

    The glass carbon electrode made from nano oxide has a variety of characteristics, such as good stability of batteries, high conductivity, high purity, no gas in the electrode Essence. Easy surface regeneration, small hydrogen and oxygen potential,...
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  • Can magnesium compounds be disinfected and sterilized

    There are many magnesium compound products and large output in our country, such as magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium carbonate, etc., which has an important role in promoting the national economy. Magnesium compounds are one of the ...
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  • General usages of the magnesium hydroxide

    Magnesium hydroxide can be widely used in buildings, flue gas treatment, oxylene, rubber, medicine, papermaking, petroleum additives and other industries due to its own alkaline, antibacterial effect, non -toxic effect and use as additives. Essenc...
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  • Cobalt precipitant good choice of MgO

    We know that the Congo (Gold) Copper Mine has the most reserves in the world. Its copper ore is mainly copper cobalt oxidized on the surface. In terms of more and more investing, the output of wet copper refining has furt...
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  • The role of magnesium oxide in invisible coatings

    The role of magnesium oxide in invisible coatings

    Now paint is an indispensable chemical in life. Whether in home decoration or in industrial production, there will be paint figures. And now there is a new type of coating product called invisible paint. In the process of producing invisible coati...
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  • The advantages of thermal conductivity with magnesium oxide

    The thermal conductivity is uniformly filled with thermal matrix material using the thermal conductivity to improve its thermal conductivity. The heat conduction performance is mainly measured by the thermal conductivity (unit: W/m.k). Thermal con...
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  • MgO good for Cobalt precipitant

    In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s economy, especially the rapid development of the lithium battery industry, the demand for cobalt has also increased. There are mainly iron, copper and nickel ore in cobalt. Metal cobalt ...
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  • Magnesium Oxide Used for Rubber Industry

    Magnesium Oxide Used for Rubber Industry

    Magnesium Oxides (MgOs) have been utilized in the Rubber Industry for more than 100 years. Shortly after the discovery of sulfur vulcanization in 1839, MgO and other inorganic oxides proved to accelerate the slow cure rat...
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