Magnesium Hydroxide in vanadium inhibitor

Low-quality fuels will damage gas turbines.Crude and heavy oils with high concentrations of ash and corrosives like vanadium can lead to considerable encrustation and fouling.

Magnesium hydroxide as a specialized additive for gas turbine that consumes raw oil, it has excellent physical and chemical properties,which can be miscible with fuel oil in any proportion.

Product typical properties:

Magnesium content% wt: Min.20%

Spec: Purity >98%;

Particle size: <2 microns;

Ca: <1000 ppm;

Na+K: <75 ppm;

With magnesium compound,it will prevent high-temperature corrosion in gas turbines by increasing ash melting temperatures, and can inhibit the heavy metal from corrosion by improving the melting point of vanadium-containing ash and ash will gradually get loosened and taken out by hot smoke and gas.

Post time: Apr-11-2023